About The Show

The Game Plane, America's newest and highest flying game show, takes off this fall on a station near you.

With the cooperation of Allegiant Air (www.allegiantair.com), The Game Plane is the first game show to be filmed on real, regularly scheduled airline flights. On selected Allegiant Air flights, you will watch real passengers on a real flight playing for real cash and prizes. It is the most fun you've had on an airplane since....well, since your first flight....

As soon as we reach cruising altitude, an actual Allegiant flight becomes The Game Plane. Passengers become contestants and travelers become winners.

Each passenger receives a playing card when they arrive for their flight. If their card is called, they are a contestant on The Game Plane. Trivia games, putting contests, even specially designed turbulence games are played and these lucky passengers win a variety of cash and prizes. Winners are eligible for The Big Deal‚ the final game on that flight, and then play for a chance to win grand prizes such as luxury vacations at their destination (Las Vegas, Orlando, Honolulu), cash and more! Real passengers, real flights in real time...it's The Game Plane!

Not every Allegiant Air flight will feature The Game Plane. But, if you would like a chance to fly on The Game Plane, visit www.allegiantair.com and book your next trip to one of their amazing vacation destinations!

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The Team

Mark L. Walberg Host

Host Mark L. Walberg started his television career as an assistant at Dick Clark Productions and quickly moved in front of the camera as the announcer for the popular game show Shop Til You Drop and then as host of Burnt Toast, a sports magazine show on ESPN. It was there that the late Brandon Tartikoff noticed his work, and that association produced the nationally syndicated The Mark Walberg Show. Since then, Walberg has hosted and been featured in an array of popular talk, reality competition, and game shows, including the FOX hit The Moment of Truth. He also has hosted home improvement competitions The Mansion and House Rules, knowledge quiz shows Test the Nation and Russian Roulette, and won The Weakest Link as a contestant playing for charity. He also hosted the relationship challenge Temptation Island. Realizing a long-held ambition to produce, Walberg created and produced Sunday Dinner, the first original series for the Odyssey Network, with long-time friend and television personality Mark DeCarlo (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jimmy Neutron).

In addition to his successful television career, Walberg believes strongly in devoting time to create opportunities for young people. Currently he is on the board of directors of Goodwill of Southern California. He's proud to be part of an organization that is instrumental in providing hope and new futures for people who need help. He also is very involved with The Young Americans, a musical performance youth group that tours the world offering music workshops in underserved schools. In addition to Walberg, alumni include actor Tim Bagley (Grimm) and actress Nia Peeples (The Young and the Restless) He has completed production on a feature-length documentary about The Young Americans' work. Says Walberg, "The personal transformation that happens to people when they are given the ability to express themselves through the arts, specifically music and dance, is inspiring."

Walberg and actress-wife Robbi Morgan Walberg make their home in Los Angeles, where they are busy keeping up with their son and daughter.

Alpine Labs Production Co.

ALPINE LABS was founded in 2011 by Kevin Abrams, Patrick Weir and Maury Gallagher.

Alpine Labs is a company designed specifically to rethink and challenge the traditional ways content is produced and distributed by leveraging today’s advancements in digital filmmaking and applied technologies. Whether it’s 100% brand funded long form content, digital CrowdSelling of feature films, defining the new standard of digital education content or reshaping one of the longest running racecar organizations in history, Alpine Labs is transforming the traditional content and distribution model one output at a time.

Jeff Mirkin Executive Producer

Jeff Mirkin is a television producer and writer with three decades of extensive industry experience. He has produced and/or written thousands of hours of domestic and international television programming for broadcast syndication, cable, digital, and interactive platforms.

Before taking off on The Game Plane, Mirkin’s projects included several Relativity Television projects for Tom Foreman: PARKING GAMES (Spike), THE LOAN RANGER (Nat Geo), and THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE (GSN). Mirkin also worked extensively on reality shows ALASKA GOLD DIGGERS (Animal Planet) and JOE SCHMO (Spike) and FAMILY GAME NIGHT (The Hub) – incorporating the game formats based on classic games from the Hasbro catalog of board games such as Trouble, Boggle, Operation and many others.

Mirkin is also currently partnered with WHEEL OF FORTUNE host Pat Sajak in Pat Sajak Games, an interactive and print media gaming company. Mirkin’s other credits include THE DATING GAME and THE NEWLYWED GAME, POKER ROYALE, WHAMMY! THE ALL NEW PRESS YOUR LUCK (GSN), BEAT THE CLOCK (PAX) and CARD SHARKS and FAMILY FEUD (Syndication). His network credits include LET’S MAKE A DEAL (NBC) GREED (Fox), SMARTEST KID IN AMERICA (Fox) and a pilot remake of the original $64,000 QUESTION (CBS) and KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS WITH BILL COSBY (CBS).

Rodney Frazier Executive Producer

Rodney Frazier has been a screenwriter and Producer in Hollywood for more then twenty -years. After film school at Brigham Young University Hawaii, He began his career working in front of the camera as a commercial actor. His career was very successful and he managed to do series of commercials for McDonalds, Budweiser, and Ford just to name a few.

While enjoying working in front of the camera Rodney continued building a career behind the scenes working on movies and television shows with the likes of Director Blake Edwards, Robert Zemeckis, and Debbie Allen. In the mid 90’s he began working closely with Jeff Margolis and his production company JMP, Rodney independently developed and created original content for television, while working on such live television shows as the Grammies, Oscars, and SAG Awards.

Continuing to write screenplays with partner Richard Holland together they optioned scripts to Saban Entertainment, Randal Kleiser and Debra Hill. Rodney has been nominated for an Emmy Award and has won a Telly award for his work on the hit kids show HIP HOP HARRY.

His knowledge of entertainment is vast and skills are varied, Rodney has worked for the top reality house in Hollywood, Mike Fleiss’s (The Bachelor, Bachelorette) Next Entertainment, and launched an 8 million dollar worldwide production for the Discovery Channel.

Currently he is Co-Producing a Feature documentary with Spitfire Pictures (Bob Dylan NO DIRECTION HOME, Billy Joel LAST PLAY AT SHEA ) currently Rodney is on a bit of a roll he has just inked a deal with “Fishbowl Worldwide” (Vin Di Bona and Bruce Gersh) to Produce a Hawaii based reality show and a second deal with 11 television to produce an exciting new game show, both properties being of his creation.

Trifecta Entertainment

Trifecta Entertainment & Media is the creation of the top executive team behind a decade of success at MGM Television.

We are a unique and innovative independent multi-media company engaged in the development, production, distribution, advertiser sales and media sponsorships of programming across a diverse spectrum of media platforms. The vast experience of our partners and staff brings vision, creativity, professionalism, and the ability to take advantage of the constantly changing television and media landscape. Trifecta Entertainment & Media has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Trifecta Entertainment is experienced in all aspects of television production and finance. We develop and produce all forms of television programming (e.g., scripted and reality series, made-for-television movies and miniseries) for network, cable and first run syndication, as well as direct-to-video motion pictures.

Trifecta Media is responsible for U.S. distribution, advertiser sales, branding strategies and marketing for a rapidly growing portfolio of Trifecta and third party properties in a variety of media marketplaces. Our roster of programs encompasses a strong slate of branded syndicated programming for the upcoming broadcast seasons. Additionally, we are representing alternative entertainment businesses in a wide variety of arenas, including cable, place-based viewing and the Internet.

Where to Watch

Property of Trifecta Entertainment Working List - As of August 26, 2014

Game Plane Syndication Clearances for 2014-2015 Season
Market   Station   Time Period  
New York   WLNY (CBS)   Sat 1A  
Los Angeles   KDOC (Titan)   Sat 1A and 1:30A  
Chicago   WCUU (Weigel)   Sat 9P and 1A  
Philadelphia   WPSG (CBS)   Sun 11A  
Dallas   KTXD (London)   Sun 5P and 5:30P  
San Francisco   KBCW (CBS)   Sat 2P-4P  
Boston   WBIN (Carlisle One)   Sat 1P and 1:30P  
Washington DC   WJAL (Entravision)   M  
Atlanta   WUPA (CBS)   Sat 6:30A  
Houston   KUBE (Titan)   Sun 12:30P  
Detroit   WADL (Adell)   Sat 10P  
Seattle   KSTW (CBS)   Sun 12:30A  
Phoenix   KASW(Belo)   Sun 4P and 4:30P  
Tampa   WTOG (CBS)   Sat 12A and 12:30A  
Minneapolis   WCCO (CBS)   Sun 2A  
Miami   WBFS (CBS)   Sat 12A and 12:30A  
Denver   KCDO (Newsweb)   Sat 1P and 1:30P  
Orlando - Daytona   WRDQ (Cox)   Sat 6:30A  
Sacramento   KMAX (CBS)   Sun 12:30P  
Pittsburgh   WPGY (CBS)   Sat 12P or 12:30P  
Raleigh-Durham   WAUG   Sat 4:30P  
Indianapolis   wndy (LIN)   Sun 6:30A  
San Diego   XDTV (Entravision)   Sat 1P and 1:30P  
Columbus OH   wtte (Sinclair)   Sat 5A  
Salt Lake City   KUCW (Nexstar)   Sat 3P & 3:30P Sun 10A and 10:30A  
Milwaukee   WMLW (Weigel)   Sun 3A  
Cincinnati   wstr (Sinclair)   Sat 5A  
San Antonio   KCWX (Corridor TV)   Sat 12:30A  
GSA   wmya (Sinclair)   Sat 5A  
West Palm Beach   wtcn (Sinclair)   Sat 5A  
Grand Rapids   wwmt (Sinclair)   sun 5A  
Las Vegas   KVVU (Meredith)   Sat 12:30A  
Oklahoma City   KSBI   Sun 10P and 10:30P  
Birmingham   WVUA   Sat 6P  
Norfolk - Portsmouth   WSKY   Sat 12:30A  
Austin   keye (Sinclair)   Sat 2A  
Greensboro - H. Point   wxlv (Sinclair)   Sat 1A  
Louisville   WBKI   Sat 7P and Tue 10P  
Fresno   KAIL   Sun 5P  
Knoxville   EVLT (Gray)   Sun 5:30P  
Lexington   WTVQ.2 (ETVQ)   Sat 2:30P Sun 2:30P  
Charleston-Huntington   ESAZ (Gray)   Sat 4P  
Wichita   KCTU/KCTU.2 (River City)   Sat 5P and 5:30P  
Flint   WNEM.2 (ENEM)   Sat 12A and 12:30A Sun 12A and 12:30A  
Roanoke - Lynchburg   EDBJ (Schurz)   Sat 8P and 8:30P  
Green Bay   WACY (Journal)   Sat 11A  
Honolulu   KHON (Lin)   Sun 5:30P and Sat 1:30P (KHON.2)  
Des Moines   KDSM   Sun 530A  
Springfield MO   KRBK   Sat 12A and 12:30A Sun 2A and 2:30A  
Toledo   WMNT   Sun 11:30A  
Madison   WISC/ETVW   WISC - Fri 3A & 3:30A ETVW - 1A & 1:30A  
Harlingen - Weslaco   KFXV (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Cedar Rapids   KWKB   Sun 5P  
South Bend   WMYS (Weigel)   Sun 12:30A  
Charleston SC   WCBD (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Greenville - N. Bern   WGWB (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Ft. Smith   KHBS.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Myrtle Beach-Florence   WWMB.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Lincoln - Hastings   KWBL (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Tallahassee   WTLH.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Tyler-Longview   KCEB (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Reno   KREN.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Ft. Wayne   WPTA.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Youngstown   WFMJ (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Boise   KNIN.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Sioux Falls   KWSD (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Augusta   WAGT.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Springfield - Holyoke   WBQT (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Lansing   WLAJ.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Peoria   WHOI.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Fargo   WDAY.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Montgomery   WBMM (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Traverse City   WBVC (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Macon   WBMN (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Eugene   KMTR.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Santa Barbara   KSBY.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Yakima   KIMA.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Lafayette LA   WLWB.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Monterey-Salinas   KION.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Bakersfield   KGET.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Columbus GA   WLTZ.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
La Crosse   WXOW.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Corpus Christi   KRIS.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Amarillo   KDBA (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Chico-Redding   KHSL.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Wilmington   WBW (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Columbus-Tupelo   WCBI.3 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Wausau   WAOW.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Rockford   WREX.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Topeka   KTKA.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Monroe   KWMB (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Columbia-Jefferson City   KOMU.3 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Duluth   KDLH.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Medford - Klamath Falls   KTVL.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Beaumont - Port Arthur   KFDM.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Lubbock   KLCW (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Wichita Falls   KAUZ.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Salisbury   WMDT.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Anchorage   KYUR.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Erie   WSEE.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Sioux City   KTIV.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Palm Springs   KESQ.3 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Joplin-Pittsburg   KSXF (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Albany GA   WBSK (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Minot/Bismark   KWMK (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Odessa-Midland   AWWT (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Rochester- Mason-Austin   KTTC.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Terre Haute   WBI (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Bangor   WABI.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Bluefield-Beckley   WVVA.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Binghampton   WBNG.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Wheeling - Steubenville   WBKO (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Panama City   WJHG.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Biloxi - Gulfport   WBGP (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Sherman TX-Ada   KTEN.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Idaho Falls   KIFI.3 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Gainesville   WCJB.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Abilene - Sweetwater   KTXS.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Yuma   NSWT (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Missoula   KPAX.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Hattiesburg - Laurel   WHPM.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Billings   AWBM (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Dothan   WTVV.3 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Clarksburg-Weston   WVFX.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Quincy-Hannibal   WGEM.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Utica   WKTV.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Rapid City   KNBN.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Elmira   WENY.3 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Lake Charles   KVHP.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Jackson TN   WBJK (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Watertown   WWTI.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Harrisonburg   WVIR.3 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Alexandria LA   WBCA (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Marquette   WBMK (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Jonesboro   KJOS (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Bowling Green   WBKO.3 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Charlottesville   WVIR.3 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Laredo   KGNS.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Grand Junction-Montrose   KJCT.3 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Meridian   WTOK.3 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Butte-Bozeman   KWXB (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Greenwood-Greenville   WBWD (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Lafayette IN   KATC.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Great Falls   KWGF (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Twin Falls   KWTE (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Bend OR   KTVZ.2 (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Parkersburg   WCWP (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Eureka   KUVU (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Cheyenne   KCHW (CW+)   Sun 11A  
San Angelo   KWSA (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Casper   KGWC.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Mankato   KWYE (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Lima   KBOH (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Ottumwa   KWOT (CW+)   Sun 11A  
St. Joseph   KBJO (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Fairbanks   KATN-DT (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Zanesville   WBZV (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Victoria   KWVB (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Presque Isle   WBPQ (CW+)   Sun 12P  
Helena   AMTF (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Juneau   KJUD.2 (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Alpena   WBAE (CW+)   Sun 12P  
North Platte   KWPL (CW+)   Sun 11A  
Glendive   KWZB (CW+)   Sun 11A  

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